Patients Reviews

Phenomenal physician and practice. Dr. Giles is intelligent, informed and open minded. Her bedside manner is also top notch, which is a plus. Her practice is on the cutting edge of psychiatry. I've never felt so heard by a physician and feel like finding her was a gift from above.

Leighann L. | May 05, 2023

I appreciate how thorough the initial appointment was in both the questions that were asked of what was going on as well as the in-depth information provided on the different available treatments. The lengths they went to describe everything made me like a true patient opposed to a way to obtain a revenue goal.

Ramon R. | Apr 20, 2023

We absolutely love Dr. Giles and the entire team! We always feel welcome, heard, and well cared for. Dr. Giles is innovative and attentive, with a great gift for listening to her patients' opinion. The entire staff went out of their way to accommodate our somewhat difficult schedule and provided treatment for us at 7 o'clock in the morning.

Tatiana K. | Apr 06, 2023

Dr Giles, Jim, and the entire staff are amazing!

Robert G. | Mar 31, 2023

Dr Giles, Jim, and her entire staff are absolutely five stars across-the-board. Dr Giles has been a great help to me personally.

Daniel K. | Mar 27, 2023

Awesome. Doctor and staff really care about the patience and do everything they can to make you feel comfortable and truly care about your health and well being.

Vincent A. | Mar 24, 2023

Always wonderful experience in this office. Everyone from Dr. Giles to front desk staff genuinely concerned, caring, professional, empathetic, and helpful.

Tori Y. | Mar 05, 2023

I feel as though Dr. Giles is VERY invested in treating my depression and won’t leave any stone unturned. I am very grateful and I feel like I am cared for, supported and that she will do whatever she can.

Catherine L. | Mar 04, 2023
"Dr. Giles treated me for depression, anxiety, and ADHD for 3 years, and I could not recommend her more. She was knowledgeable with current evidence based treatments, while also providing humanistic care, where I could appreciate that she cared about what was going on in my life. She was consistently willing to work together as a team to address my health concerns. I am especially thankful that she encouraged me to have a philosophy to be kind and patient with myself, a practice I would think is not always standard of care when you look for a psychiatrist."
- RL
"I have been a patient of Dr. Karen Giles since she was a member of the Emory support psychiatric services at the Winship Cancer Center. Dr. Giles combines many attributes which make her an exceptional physician. She is well-trained in both clinical and research areas. Combined with that background, she is compassionate, kind, conscientious, non-judgmental, and a patient advocate.    Dr. Giles searches for resources that will augment the medical treatments she prescribes. My experience has been that she actively solicits input from her patients, so that there is mutual understanding of the movement toward recovery. I highly recommend Dr. Karen Giles."
- S.H.W.
"I met Dr. Giles when I was at a very low point in my life. She was approachable and open-minded, and it was clear that she was genuinely invested in helping me get to a better mental place. Today I am the happiest and most productive I have ever been, and I credit much of that to the work Dr. Giles and I did together."
- Liz M.
“I am so happy to be able to continue receiving care from Dr. Giles in her new practice. I have been her patient through the Emory Women's Mental Health program over the last year. She is a great listener and has such a kind and caring manner. As an Emory employee, I am thrilled that Dr. Giles will still be part of the Emory Healthcare network.”
- M.R.